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  • Pretty easy question, if you eliminate incorrect answers.

    @b-2 is never used, so the first and the last answer were impossible.

    I knew there wasn't any incorrect syntax with the aliases, so the second answer was also incorrect. So that leaves us only with the arrays of numbers.

    However, as the B column always returns 1, it was pretty easy to deduce the correct answer.

    Nonetheless, great question which incorporated various scenarios. Thanks.

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  • Thank you for the question,



  • Thanks for the question.


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  • Thanks for the question.

    I got it wrong, and learned something!

  • Thank you for the question.

    Had to think this one through because of the operators.

    And the variable was just to mess with us? 😛

    Best regards,

    Best regards,

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  • Nice question, But i got it wrong.

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  • Nice question Carlo! My first thought was, "What am I supposed to learn from this question?" Then I dug in a little deeper. Got it right, but not as quickly as I might have. I still haven't learned to read the title for help.

    I still have the "Look at the shiny object ..." reaction when I follow the link to the question.

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  • Good question. I admit I had to run it to get the correct answer. Just couldn't visaulize it in my head.


  • I'm hoping by this afternoon I will have read the explanation enough times to understand it, because I sure as heck don't at this hour of the morning! 😉


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  • Thanks for an interesting question. I got the right answer but not by thinking it all the way through so I learned something new - always a good way to start the morning!

  • good and easy question!

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  • Interesting stuff. Thanks for the question.

  • Excellent question - thank you!

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