Unable to find Server name on my local machine.

  • renato_mech_334

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    I have installed SQL Server 2005 backward compatibility installed on my local machine. I am seeing it in the program & features section as installed. The version is 8.05.1054.

    It does not showup under all programs and i am unable to find server name on my system. I have admin rights to my system and still when i try to access the server name as localhost it says i need atleast read rights.

    Could some one help me.



  • Horatiu

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    You have to look in the services on your local machine and see the name that was given to you installed instance.

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  • renato_mech_334

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    Hi Could you please provide me the name of topic so i could look for it. I have tried everything and it did not work. uninstalled and reinstalled still does not work.

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