Unable to Edit Script in ‘Script Task Editor’

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    Earlier today I went into one of my SSIS packages and opened Script Task then Edited the code but decided not to save it so I X’ed out of the Script Editor and then Canceled out of the Script Task Editor. Then when I went back into the same Task and clicked Edit Script I get this error:

    Cannot show Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Applications Editor

    Additional Info - Failed to create project at location "C:\Documents and settings\blahblah\Local Settings\Temp\SSIS\8ef498447e824e608b9053636c8b0443"! (Microsoft.SqlServer.VSTAScriptingLib)

    This is using SQL Server 2008 and I can open the Script Editor in other SSIS packages or other Script Tasks within this same package so I think it’s a problem with this particular Script Task. I had just started working on it a week or so ago and it’s not a project script, so I have no backups. :-/ Is there anyway you guys know of to get the guts of the script without going through the SSIS Editor? If something in the package is hosed and I can salvage the code I can just delete and recreate the Script Task, but I can’t even begin to remember all the code I added to it since rather involved and took a while to write.

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    Open the package with a text editor.

    You will see the XML code of the package and somewhere in all that gibberisch, there should be your VB/C#.NET code.

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