Unable to Connect to Azure PaaS Instance using SSMS 18.x

  • Good Morning Team,

    When we try to connect to Azure PaaS instance using SSMS 18.x from our VDI's; we are unable to connect and receive Error Message 10060. The same Azure PaaS Instances are reachable from our Azure VM's using SSMS without any issues.

    However on the VDI's; In SSMS->Additional Connection Parameters; if we specify MultiSubnetFailover=True; it is able to Connect to the Azure PaaS instances without any issues; not sure why such a behaviour.

    Has anyone encountered such a behaviour; any thoughts on specifying MultiSubnetFailover=True in SSMS to connect to the Azure PaaS Instance.

  • Just to add to the above; from our VDI's port No 1433 is opened; no issues with it.

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