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  • Hi All,

    I have installed SQL Server 2008 64 bit reporting services on Windows 2008 64 bit and configured it. However, when i try to open the ( reportingserver, I am getting the "The permissions granted to user are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) sql server 2008" error.

    When i try to open, all i see is the home page and am unable to see the properties page where i can set the permissions for my user. I have tried running IE 8 as an Admin and that does not work as well. I am an admin on the box.

    Could someone please help me in resolving this issue.



  • Have you configured the windows firewall for the reporting service and the port 80?

  • I am trying to open on the same machine on which reporting services is configured. Do we still need to open port 80.

  • The machine on which reporting services is deployed is standalone and not in a domain. Do we have to add the machine to a domain. Also, does the execution account have to be a domain account. I am using a local account which has admin permissions.

  • There are two things you will have to do:

    1) You will have to open create an ininbound firewall rule for ReportingservicesService.exe

    2) Rule to Open the port 80

    The machine need not part of domain to use the reporting service. I have installed it on my laptop (but that was on xp) and was still able to use it.

    I think you should have been able to open reporting service without opening port 80 if you were on the same machine. But may be because you are using the ipaddress instead of the localhost in your url, you might be having port problems

    also go reporting service configuration manager and check the urls in "Web service url " and "Report Manager URL"

  • I have resolved the issue by making myt domain account as the execution account.

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