uanlbe to specify UND path for restore through GUI??




    After just installing sql 2005 on our test machine,  I am trying to restore a database using a backup file on the network.   However, the specify backup diagol box allows only for browsing to a file on the local machine -  I find no way to type a UNC path to choose the backup file from.  I can do this in 2000, is it no longer an option to doit through the GUI or am I missing something?




  • Right click on databases/Restore database/Click radio button FROM FILE/Click ... button/Click Add on SPECIFY BACKUP window/

    Bottom of the Locate backup window...Replace the file path with your UNC path and enter the file name...then click OK...

    In GENERAL window check the check box for Restore before you click final OK...

    I have tested using UNC is working fine..

    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

  • Yes, that worked!


    Thanks much


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