Types of DBA's ???

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    "doesnt break anything" DBA 😀

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    vamsi056 (10/16/2012)

    Thanx.. Is there any production DBA, if possible can you/anyone give me a small description regarding all DBA types ..

    Accidental DBA: an application or user account that's been granted SYSADMIN membership by a Lazy DBA without cause.

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    Jr. DBA

    Chris Powell

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    Female DBA (sure they exist and in response to your 'Gentlemen')

    Invisible/Non-existant DBA

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    Great Thank you so much, Now i want to delete this discussion but unable to due to funny replies 🙁

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    Well you can't delete the discussion anyway, so don't worry.

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    To be honest, I don't believe that most people actually knew or currently know what a DBA actually does.  I think the job description of DBA started out with accurate roots but quickly warped into other things but the term "DBA" stuck as a convenient method to be found by job search engines, particularly in the last decade.  I know a lot of people (through interviews of them and myself) that think they know what a "DBA" is but don't actually have a clue because the term has become so nebulous.

    It is now being divided up into other "terms" like "System DBA" , "Application DBA", "Data Architect", "Data Scientist", etc, etc, yadda-yadda-yadda.

    The bad part is that the same thing is occurring to those "job position" titles as what happened to the term "DBA".  While there are real differences in the newer job descriptions, I'm finding that people are labeling themselves as those things when they're actually not and so those job descriptions are quickly being watered down, as well.  Yes, there are some (for example) real "Data Scientists" out there but a lot of unqualified people have labeled themselves as such on the resumes to "get the hits" and "get the job" or they just think they are one of those titles and they're actually just not qualified because they don't know what they don't know.

    It's like a lot of people who claim to be "Software Engineers" when very few actually are.  People just don't know what the term "Engineer" means, especially in the world of academia.  A great example would be that few people understand, for example, the difference between a very well qualified Chemist and a true Chemical Engineer.  The differences are not trivial.

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