Turn varbinary bit ON/OFF

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  • Um, give the function a parameter so it can do either on or off. Two functions for this is a no no.


  • Use-case?

    Part of what makes SQLServerCentral articles interesting to read is the story that explains the code. What prompted you to write these functions?

    Even if this solution "works" - what problem does it solve?

    Why is this solution better than the approach *I* might have created?

    (I'd probably not think to write/employ the functions you've written)

    Summary: "more please" 🙂

  • I agree - the two functions can be merged easily.

    I intentionally did not mix the two to enable a clear understanding.

  • Sorry but i cant provide one.

    A friend requested that i'll send him the functions ASAP. after it was done i remembered i posted something similar a few years back so i loaded those two as well.

  • Thanks for the script.

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