trying to get everything to fit on 1 page

  • Hello,

    this might be very easy but not sure, i have an invoice, and after the invoice, i am trying to print the terms and conditions etc., however that needs to always be on a seperate own page... anyway to do that? example:


    invoice info

    ... page 2 or page 3 depending on how long the order is..

    page 4 terms and conditions only....

    can this be easily done?


    thanks in advance

  • Try a page break between invoice info and T&Cs.


  • Thank you sue I will try that, I have the terms and cons on 1 table seperate from the actual invoice... Will that work for the method you suggested?

  • Yes, the page would break, force a new page when you set the page break between the invoice section and the terms and conditions.


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