"Truncation may occur due to inserting data from data flow column...." in SSIS 2008

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    HI All,

    Am getting that error in SSIS 2008 even i changed the column length in flat file source in advanced editor..i guess its not saved so that it is giving the same error again.

    So colud any body tell me how that meta data property is to be refreshed or solve this issue ?




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    Oftentimes you need to place a derived column transformation to force the conversion.

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  • ravi@sql


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    I have done that column propertied like name,size , data type every thing is perfect. still am getting this error.

    Error: Data conversion failed. The data conversion for column "" "" returned status value 4 and status text "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page.

    please help to fix this asap.



  • david.alcock


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    Check the advanced editor on the data source properties for input and output columns...these are often defined by a sample of data and could well be wrong, check each one, one of them is bound to smaller than expected.

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    If all else fails try this.

    What I've experienced is that this error shows up occasionally after I've copied and pasted existing Ole DB Destination/Source element either from the same Data Flow Task or a Data Flow Task from another package and then start changing the details within.

    Even when the Data Type and Length of the columns are identical, this warning still appears on occasion. This is when I delete the copied element(s) and build them from scratch. This has made the warning disappear.

    My guess is that the metadata is fouled up during the copy/paste.

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