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    Comments posted to this topic are about the item TRUNCATE vs DELETE

  • Damian Widera-396333

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    To easy

    No chance to make a mistake, even without morning coffee

    Kindest Regards,

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  • WayneS

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    Damian, I also thought it was on the easy side. But, I was also (pleasantly) surprised at the high number of folks that got this right (69% at the time of this posting)... I've seen way too many people get this wrong.

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  • Malay Pandey

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    Too easy.:-)

    I got a prompt solution.

    Malay K. Pandey

  • cy-dba

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    I thought it was a good question. There's a wide range of members here with varying experience so what may be easy for some may not be for others. If it was "too easy", then everyone would be getting it correct. 🙂

  • Jesse McLain


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    The question was easy in a technical sense, but also had a psychological angle what with the "2", "three" number-word confusion. Sort of like the psych test (the "Stroop effect"), where you have to answer in what color a word is written, where the actual word is also a color, but different than the actual color (e.g., "Blue", written in red ink).

  • BudaCli

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    Not that bad but I thought that this was a little bit simple as well.

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  • Lempster


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    duda (10/13/2009)

    Not that bad but I thought that this was a little bit simple as well.

    It's simple...provided you don't skim over the code, miss the 'truncate', see the 'delete' and therefore choose the wrong answer! Kicking myself over that one

  • Neeraj Prasad Sharma

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    i am completely agree with cy-dba

    thanx for the question 1+

    Neeraj Prasad Sharma
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