truncate log on checkpoint

  • Hi all,

    I understand that only if we backup the database, the log space is freed. This is regardless whether the truncate log on checkpoint option is true or false.

    My doubt is, i found somewhere that this option (truncate log..) should not be set to true. If set to true, then, all the transaction log backups are a waste.

    How is this?


    Parasu Raman

    Parasu Raman

  • If you set this to true, then every minute or so, a checkpoint occurs. The transaction log is then truncated.


    0800 DB full backup

    0805 write transaction 1

    0806 Check point, log cleared (marked as cleared)

    0807 transaction 2

    0808 db transaction log backup.

    At this point, the log backup is not usable because it will not contain transaciton 1.

    Steve Jones

  • Hi,

    Thanx alot. I know understand the truncate checkpoint concept.



    Parasu Raman

    Parasu Raman

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