Tribal Awards 2014 Winners

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  • In case anyone's interested... feedback from last year's awards was that it would be nice to have something a little more special to announce the winners which is where the video came from.

    Here are the winners, and runners up, for each category.

    Best New Community Voice

    Winner: Cathrine Wilhelmsen

    Runner up: Andy Yun

    Best Article

    Winner: Gail Shaw’s SQL Server Howlers

    Runner up: Readable Secondaries on a Budget By Aaron Bertrand

    Best Blog

    Winner:Brent Ozar Team Blog

    Runner up: Paul Randal[/url]

    Best Presentation

    Winner: Rimma Nehme, Keynote on cloud - PASS Summit 2014

    Runner up: Mladen Prajdic, SQL Server and Application Security for Developers - PASS Summit 2014

    Fantasy Mentor

    Winner: Paul Randal

    Runner up: Brent Ozar

    Best User Group

    Winner: Atlanta MDF

    Runner up: Omaha SQL Users Group

    Best New Community Voice

    Winner: Cathrine Wilhelmsen

    Runner up: Andy Yun

    Outstanding Contribution

    Winner: Grant Fritchey

    Runner up: David Klee

    Best Free PowerShell Script

    Winner: Allen White’s Scanning Errorlog

    Runner up: DBCC Memory Status – Tim Chapman

    Best New Book

    Winner: Grant Fritchey’s SQL Server Query Performance Tuning

    Runner up: SQL Server Internals: In-Memory OLTP Inside the SQL Server 2014 Hekaton Engine by Kalen Delaney

    Best Outfit

    Winner: Argenis Fernandez

    Runner up: James Rowland Jones, SteamPunk

    Best Twitter Account

    Winnner: @BrentO

    Runner up: @PaulRandal

  • Congrats to all the winners!

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  • exquisite set of winners and runner ups !

    Congratulations to them all and thank you for your contributions !


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  • Thanks to everyone for this award, it was completely unexpected, and I'm glad people have found value in what I've shared.


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