Trans\DB dumps sequence.

  • We backup our SQL 6.5 trans logs hourly and the database once daily at midnight.

    The restore option shows:

    Database .... 8/28/01 2:42AM - 2:42AM

    Trans 8/28/01 2:00AM - 2:51AM

    Trans 8/28/01 2:51AM - 3:00AM

    The first Trans lack starts before, and end after, the dataabse dump. Can this DB be sucessfully restored based on the above info?


  • If your backup in this scenario completed at 2:42AM, then it would not capture events that committed after the backup completed. So if your huge transaction comitted during the backup, its data would be rolled into the backup.

    A great book to back this up is Inside SQL Server. It has a great internals section on backups. Hope this helps!

    Brian Knight

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