Transactional Replication row data inconsistency

  • Hi All,

    SQL version - 2014

    I am seeing data inconsistency in row count Transactional Replication. Subscriber is having 20 rows extra. The agent profile is used continue on data consistency error. The replication is working fine.

    I want to know, Do I need to fix remove the extra 20 rows from subscriber? (OR) remove table from replication and add re-initialize the single article? (OR) Shall I leave as it is.

    Can anyone suggest.

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  • You probably  need to find out from the users if those rows are needed.

    Is delete included in your publication? If it is, they were probably either added manually or added by an application that connected to the subscriber.  If they don't belong in the subscriber, the organization needs to take some educational/process measures to prevent that in the future. If they do, you need to kept in the loop on anomalous data like that so you don't delete it in good faith.

  • Thank you for your response. This will help me.

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