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  • Hi all,

    There are few softwares in market which monitors transaction log and can perform various actions. Currently I am trialing Lumigent's "Log Explorer". I have tried "Log PI" before this.

    Does anyone have any information if there are more product in market.

    Also, if some of you are using or have used these products then please share your experience. That will help me in making decision.



  • ApexSQL has a log reader software as well.


    K. Brian Kelley

  • Brian,

    I think Log Explorer and Log PI, both has log reader capability. Could you please highlight your experience with any of these products.


  • Hi all,

    I really appriciate your contribution to this thread.



  • The transaction log file I am testing the product (log explorer) is @ 6gb. I have couple of issue and are listed below.

    1. It takes @ 1-2 hour when I clik on Load Analysis menu. Is this normal?

    2. While Log Explorer is running, I feel like my machine is slowing down. Did anyone face same issues?

    3. Log Explorer didn't find the backup files on it's own. SQL server knows the path of the backup files and therefore it should find on its own. Product "Log PI" did find it automatically?



  • I used Log Explorer about a year ago to recover a database from only a log file.  The database file was lost during some horrible backup procedures and became corrupted.

    I do recall that Log Explorer was on the slow side, and it did slow down the machine it was running on, but it did the job I needed which was to recover a database from just a log file.

    I was able to view the contents of the log during the process, but I started the restore and let it run overnight and didn't have a need to look closely at the log.

    In the end I was satisfied with what Log Explorer did as it did what I needed, recover a database without the existence of an MDF file.

  • You should check out ApexSQL for their Log product. You can run from a Command Line that Lumigent does not have. Works well, especially with large databases. They also have excellent support and the price is right.


  • Frank,

    I dowanloaded ApexSQL Log and installed it but to start with it give me below erorr.

    Apexsql has detected ado version 2.5. Apexsql works on only version 2.6 and above.

    I will be browsing forums on ApexSQL site and hopefully will find answer.3

    The price is certainly right for ApexSQL Log.

    Thanks for your input.

    Roshan Patel




  • You should go their Support forum. Good responses and good results. We are happy with ApexSQL and you are right, the prices are right.



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