Transaction Log Shipping (No direct link)

  • A vendor provides a service whereby they keep a database up to date daily utilising transaction logs.

    They configure Transaction logs at there end to backup to a location to which we can obtain these files.

    How would I set up the secondary database given that the primary and secondary can not see each other.  is there a way to do a tlog ship when there is no direct link between the primary and secondary.

    For example, if I was to restore a full backup of the DB I am log shipping from on the secondary server how do I initialise the secondary database?


  • you are going to have to roll out your own log shipping system

    it's not that difficult - but i'm guessing many other people will have better solutions

    create a table on your target server called "received_files" - then create a file watcher service that looks at the location of the files that get delivered to you

    (instructions here)

    when the file watcher sees a new file, add it to your"received_files" table

    next create a sql_agent job that loops through all received files (from the table) and performes the appropriate RESTORE LOG WITH NORECOVERY command

    The most difficult bit will be verifying that the restore worked correctly and occasionally if it's a large log file you might try and restore it before it is fully downloaded... so put a timestamp and a status on the received_files table and then fiddle with the settings


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