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    Too simple .....

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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    Clear and easy question! Thanks!


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    Easy one, thanks!

    Need an answer? No, you need a question
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    Good question Sasidhar

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    Very Easy Points 🙂

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    Carlo Romagnano (10/13/2013)

    Clear and easy question! Thanks!


    +1 🙂

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    Easy & good one. 🙂

  • Richard Warr


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    I also got the answer correct but, seeing that 1/3 of respondents hadn't, clicked on "Discuss" to see if there would be something in here other than half a dozen people saying how easy they thought the question was.

    As there wasn't, it's worth noting something the question got close to; the different way COMMIT and ROLLBACK work within nested transactions and making sure we understand why this is the case.

    The discussion area gives us an opportunity to explore further some of the concepts raised by the original question in a way that might be of benefit to people coming in here having picked the incorrect answer.

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    Thanks for the question!

    I personally find this link more illustrative than the provided one.

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    I got this right because we'd been bitten on the ar*e by this when first amending our system to work with SQLServer as well as Oracle.

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    Very easy one.


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    Nice question.

    Due to the amount of criticism of previous QOD of the phrasing of the Q'a and A's I am surprised that no one posted anything about the wording of the answer!

    It is technically incorrect as records are inserted into the table, they do not remain after the rollback.

    Since the question asks for the result of the batch (although there are several bacthes) the answer should be 'no rows returned' or '0 Row(s) affected'

    Please note I am not criticising the question or answer, just making an observation.

    Far away is close at hand in the images of elsewhere.

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    If one of the choices were 1,2, I might have gotten tripped up.

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    raulggonzalez (10/14/2013)

    Thanks for the question!

    I personally find this link more illustrative than the provided one.


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