tracing incoming linked servers

  • Hi

    as part of a migration i'm looking to see which servers are ACTIVELY using a linked server against the box I am migrating.

    We can use DNS to temporarily resolve routing issues for the migration, but if there is sql authentication involved and no one documented the password, then I have to make a new account on the target machine and re-create the authentication on the linked server

    1st thoughts profiler or XE trace on the box I intend to destroy and see the usernames of inbound connections.. then rule out all of the ones that never occur (left outer join scenario)

    thing is - I have maybe 60 devices I would class as linked servers - and approx. 1000 workstations - I want to filter my trace on ONLY the  linked server connections - I know i'm going to have to script this, but any guidance is much appreciated... heck, if someone already had a script for something similar then I would buy them a beer 🙂


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