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    I'm looking to monitor a situation we have on our live environment... it is the dreaded entity framework situation where it puts an order header into a table and treats it as a transaction, then puts order line items in and treats each as a transaction in its own right.... yes I know it's bad. but I don't do entity framework and I'm not the idiot that did this 🙂

    part of the process of putting an order in is failing at some point meaning we might get an order header, but no line items.. you can see where i'm going with this.

    I want to put a profiler trace or XE on a few conditions, but i'm finding that I don't really understand the logic behind the UI on both of these tools (or even sp_add_trace_event).

    It looks like if I put "textdata" like 'myproc' and Duration >30000 then I get myproc where it is more than 30 seconds.

    but what I need is an OR clause - show me a deadlock, or a lock timeout or anything that completes in more than 30 seconds... do I have to run  3 traces??? … i'm pretty sure I can dump them all into the same table (or make a union view), but i'd rather get it right at the trace level

    any help is mucho appreciated


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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