Trace Flag -y1229

  • Hey guys,

    Anyone seen this one before? On a clients cluster, -y1229 startup parameter on a SQL 2000 Active-Active box... I can't find any info on it anywhere! Any help appreciated.


  • This is the description for the trace flag:-

    By default, lock partitioning is enabled when a server has 16 or more CPUs. Otherwise, lock partitioning is disabled. Trace flag 1228 enables lock partitioning for 2 or more CPUs. Trace flag 1229 disables lock partitioning. Trace flag 1229 overrides trace flag 1228 if trace flag 1228 is also set.

    Lock partitioning is useful on multiple-CPU servers where some tables have very high lock rates. You can turn on trace flag 1228 and trace flag 1229 only at startup.

    and this is the Microsoft description of lock partitioning:-

    For large computer systems, locks on frequently referenced objects can become a performance bottleneck as acquiring and releasing locks place contention on internal locking resources. Lock partitioning enhances locking performance by splitting a single lock resource into multiple lock resources. This feature is only available for systems with 16 or more CPUs, and is automatically enabled and cannot be disabled. Only object locks can be partitioned.

  • Ian must be right, bus as far as i can remeber hazily.. this parameter writes dump files in case of error...

  • Ok sweet! Thanks much. I thought that based on what I was looking at that it had something to do with locks/blocks, but couldn't find it. Was that from a KB or other link?

    Much appreciated

  • Was that from a KB or other link?

    No... because a definitive list of trace flags doesn't seem to exist, I've built up my own list.

    Whenever I discover a new one from any source, I add it to the list.

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