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    I know in sql 2005 the default trace file names are in the form of log_##.trc. I am seeing some trace files in the same directory as the default trace file with different names such as: 291-45486dm5wptrace_216.trc Can someone tell me how this kind of trace file gets created and where from. I'm the only dba that would be doing any manual traces. I tried opening profiler and running a simple trace and stopped it. Went to the directory of the instance of sql server I ran the trace against and no new trace file. So I'm confused how these strange trace files are getting created.


  • Run the following to find out if other traces are running.

    select * from fn_trace_getinfo(0)

    Property 2 will tell you where the files are being written. Is the trace file you are looking at still active or is it from an old trace that maybe off now?

  • fn_trace_getinfo will give you the information, but querying sys.traces actually gives you more information in a more readable format (you don't have to know what the property numbers mean because you get the data in a table with real column names).

    You don't have C2 or Common Criteria auditing turned on do you?

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