Trace calls to triggers via Profiler?

  • Is there a way to run a Profiler trace that only captures the calls to triggers?

    I've been filtering out the SP:StmtCompleted and adding a filter to the text data for the name of the trigger (not getting any), tried removing the filter on trigger name, and filter based on object ID, but it seems it's capturing all, even just the selects.

    Is there a way to capture only calls that are trigger-related say to just one table?

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi,

    Here is an article that might help you:

    Tracing Trigger Execution


  • Thanks a lot!

    I was already using that reference with regards to the Profiler use. The mistake I did was the application of filter. I was filtering the text based on the name of the trigger (in which I don't get anything) and the table name (in which I get a lot of transactions), where i should have placed that filter on the ObjectName. 🙂


  • Hi,

    Glad you sorted it out. I have never tried tracing triggers. I guess there might be some implications as they are not procedures to be called. That might explain that your filter on trigger name didn't work. Now I got curious, I think I will test this.


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