Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 2010 PASS Community Summit

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  • Umm...

    Why are all the dates listed as 2009? It looks like whomever put out the press release did a complete copy/paste on the release for last year's summit.

  • I'm sure glad the article is about the top 10 reasons for attending the 2010 PASS Summit, even though the newsletter/links refer to 2009. I'm not a time traveller so I really was really glad the article was about the PASS 2010 event in the future, instead of re-living a fantastics PASS Summit event in the past.

    Even thought I can't time travel I can kind of go back in time by reviewing the PASS Summit 2009 Session Recording on DVD. If you do not already have them they are a great resource. By the way you can order them here:


    Gregory A. Larsen, MVP

  • It is a good list, and there are good reasons to attend regardless of the date (2009 v 2010).

    See you all there. 🙂

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  • The dates have been edited. Much of this is from last year, but there are a few new items.

  • Hello,

    My name is Pete and I'm new to this forum. Do you believe a SQL Server Database Administrator can obtain a substantial amount of information by attending the SQL Pass Summit? I've always wanted to go to one of these events, but depending on what can be learned at the event would be the deciding factor.

    Thank you,


  • You will get a lot of ideas, and potentially learn quite a bit from speakers. It might be hard to understand at times, depending on sessions, but the chance to look at your environment, hear what people say, and then ask questions is huge. Speakers are happy to answer questions after sessions, you can talk to people at lunch, and I would bet you learn quite a bit more from talking to people than sitting in sessions.

    Early on I went and learned from talking to people, even getting some help on issues from MS developers or support people. You could get the equivalent of a free support session from attending.

  • Thank you for the reply Steve. Hopefully I will be able to go to this event. Networking with others is one of the best ways to learn.

  • How long is the registration code good for? Did it expire with the early bird-discount on 6/30/2010? Is the discount $100 or $200?



  • What about the chance to rub elbows with TheSQLGuru?!?! 😎

    Kevin G. Boles
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  • The code is good through the first day of the PASS Summit. You can always use it. The discount is $200 now, it was $100 earlier, and applies to the current registration rate.

  • SQLGuru Dance party? Tango lessons?

    At the very least, anyone who attends can ask questions of TheSQLGuru and get some great answers.

  • I would guess the following was not intended to appeal to us developers:

    "7. Developers, developers, developers

    Not the kind that frustrate you every day, but the guys and gals that actually write the SQL Server code."

    Maybe it is just me, but to me it was always much more interesting to talk to other developers who use the same tools as me, than to the developers who make those tools.

    Not to mention the fact that most DBAs can learn a lot from a good developer...

  • I think both are great. The developers at MS can help you understand how things work, and why. And you can influence them to perhaps think about how you use the code.

  • Steve,

    Yes, both are great, no argument here. Yet will non-MS developers get encouraged to attend by this article?

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