Top 5 things you MUST know about PowerPivot for Excel

  • Amir, thanks for the post, very interesting. What is the position of MS ACCESS in all of this? It seem that Power pivot can do all that ACCESS does and a lot more. Is this the end of ACCESS? Paul

  • Finally, I have tried to get the other users here to work with Powerpivot, and that has not gone very well. This leads me to question the definition of "Power User". To begin with, we may want to define that better. Power User of what? Excel? Doubt it. That is what the other users here are that I refer to and they not only are reluctant, but I don't think capable of thinking in terms of data like myself. Power User of Data? That's closer. Is the finance guy going to learn DAX? I had Excel 2013 installed on his computer initially for him to view the reports that I create in Powerpivot, and he is even afraid of trying to figure out slicers (He's coming from Excel 2007).

    I have the same experience. PowerPivot adds another layer and another language to people that may not be able to tell if they have got something right or wrong. In the right hands it can add flexibility but in a non engineering business I don't think it adds much value. if your users are highly numerate engineers or scientists then it is probably useful but for a lot of other commercial situations it does not keep it simple (or safe)!

  • Powerful list, thanks.

  • I think that is still the challenge with things built for "power users". In my experience, most people with the ability and interest to learn are already in their IT department, not business users.

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