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  • I agree, the newer code is displaying the data much better than my code did. My apologies.

    Hats off to you all!!! 🙂




  • I know that there is newer code but I wanted to help the person who asked about why there are the two straggler records. It comes from the fetch statement not being directed to a declared variable.

    To see what affect this has try doing the following as a learning experience:

    Add this line just below where it says "set nocount on"

    DECLARE @blah varchar(50)

    Next, add this to the end of the two fetch statements:

    into @blah

    Now @blah holds the unneeded value instead of the screen

    That was a great question to ask!

    Tony Trus

  • Thanks, that was what I was wondering. I didn't know if it meant something important, like "these are the two wait states that are causing the biggest problem" or something. I'll just refer to the table.



  • Tony Trus;

    Ah, thanks! I tried that and those two extra results disappeared. It makes sense that they are dumped into that variable. Thanks for providing the example!


  • Hi. I'm getting a LCK_RIn_NL wait type in the project I'm currently working on. Can anybody help me solve this? Thanks a whole lot.

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