Tlog migration

  • Hi Expert,

    In tlog migration, from 1 server to another where there is no connectivity

    I am doing following

    steps1 creating database replica on new server

    Running job's, user cript on new server

    In cutoverCoping the  . Bak and log files from one server to another

    Creating ag group  and assigning server to it

    Any other job I am missing here please advise


  • How big are the databases and how long will the copy take?

    Full backup must be WITH INIT option, then you have the option of using a differential.

    Is your server set up with any certificates or using the service broker?

    Any databases with change data capture or filestream?

  • 1)Database size is 500 gb

    2)How to check the server certificate is available on new server?

    3)no change in data capture. source db will be shut down during cutover and target db will be operational after the migration

    4)Full backup must be WITH INIT option, then you have the option of using a differential. did not understand this

    which full backup tlog or data files first then differential means?





  • Suggestion please

  • Why don’t you use something like log shipping and when it comes to cut over time backup the log with no recovery and replay the last log manually on the new server.

    Server certificate?  You using TDE or encryption in which case you need to manually backup and restore those objects for you.


    look at powershell and dbatools for their migration cmdlets will make your life easier

  • thanks anything i am missing in tlog migration

  • Well its a database migration not a tlog migration.  So you need to ensure you move anything that is server side which is needed for running of the database.

    LinkedServers, Logins, Jobs, Alerts, Server Triggers, Audits, Extended event sessions etc, maintenance plans, SSIS packages.

    In an ideal world this would all be documented and you know what needs to move when you move a database from A to B

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