TiVo for DBAs!!!

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  • It sucks!

    The current page I'm editing from even has an error:

    Banner turned off on purpose

    This banner not working right either!

    Only ONE of the videos actually run the others error and the video is 5% content and 95% commercial for  a stupid product (yes I have tried it!)  that doesn't work either!


  • When I try to access a video I get the following error:

    error '80020009'

    Exception occurred.

    /howto/viewhowto.asp, line 21


  • Erm ... only the detach video seems to work.

    Not bad but somewhat heavy on the ads - I know we get lots of SQL Goodness for free but I think you have to draw a line somewhere.

    The tasks are very basic as well - this would be a good medium for more tricky subjects (and the ads would be more justified).

  • Come on guys, this is the first attempt. I admit the video ad was excessive and only the detach video link works, but lets face it the first page did say "Detach".

    I think this has some great potential. OK so the topic was basic, but this is a start. If it proves popular who knows where it could end. This is the kind of thing that could replace having to pay to go on Microsoft courses (if you do that kind of thing).

    Also, can any of you remember the first time you had to get your heads around b-trees and indexing or the complexities of security, I do, and I think that at the time having some kind of visual explanation/ demonstration would have helped me tremendously.

    So I say well done. Lets see more, and at different skill levels. And oh yes, hopefully less ads.

  • Rudimentary now, but GREAT POTENTIAL! I agree with wildh, tackle a trickier subject. How about setting up Full text indexing? Debugging a stored proc?


  • That's exactly the idea. When I was still learning to be a DBA I hated reading a chapter in a book just to find out how to do a basic task like attaching a database. Instead of this, we hope to launch a video a week starting basic for beginner DBAs, then working outward. We also will be doing SQL Server 2005 ones where everyone is a beginner! We have a list of 20 topics to go but anything posted here gets priority in my book.

    Sorry for the lengthy ad (20 sec with a 1:45 min video). It's the only way to pay for the expensive product to do this and the 4-10MB downloads that these cause on our server's T1. Also, while these seem simple in nature, each one takes hours to produce and get right . Please keep the comments comming! It will help us shape these but please keep in mind the purpose initially is for beginners who just need the answer quickly. What I'm hearing so far is the ad is too much. We'll keep them to 20-25 secs.


  • I like the concept.  And the video was not bad for a “proof of concept” run.  The audio quality does need some work.  I don’t even mind the adds.  I understand the business need.  But you don’t want a high percentage of the video time to be adds.

  • A bit slow (and I got in trouble for replaying the Danube Waltz too many times while I was waiting for everything to load), but a good start!  It's nice to see it in action, instead of trying to follow a book

  • This is a great start! How can other DBA's/SQL Developers contribute more "TiVo for DBA's"?

    What tools were used to capture and record the administrative tasks demonstrated in the video? And where can they be obtained?

    (Thinking this would facilitate new content in a comman format being avaible from a variety of sources more rapidly. )

    What is the submission process for additional content?

    How and what guidelines do you have for us to submit the content for review and posting?

    Do you have a list of tasks or video curricula you would like people help create?


    Michael Tilley

    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

  • Good stuff. A lot of potential here for answering many of the "easy" questions where people get told to read BOL. Nothing better than actually seeing something in action.

    My .02 drop the ads in the flash. Put the ads on the page above, below, to the side, or elsewhere instead.

    Colt 45 - the original point and click interface

  • I assume that the TIVO for DBAs has died. I could not find the sample -- it just gave an error. I guess the TIVO for DBAs could all be removed (except for historical reasons)?

    J :smooooth:

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