Titles and DevOps Confusion

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  • I agree with your point about not being too concerned with titles. In my career I've been a programmer, senior programmer, analyst programmer, senior analyst programmer, data engineer and senior application developer. The type of work I've been doing has remained fairly constant regardless. In some companies you can become a senior thingummy just by being a thingummy for two years, so even the "senior" prefix has little value. The lack of standardised titles does make it difficult to compare pay scales between companies and, I think, is partly the result of there being no recognised professional standards for IT (compared to, say, accountancy or law). One thing that does bother me is that the career path in almost all companies moves technical people into more managerial roles. In my experience, the two skill sets are different and not many people have both, so the company loses out twice; once by losing a good techie and again by gaining a poor manager.

  • I think this has been true most of the time, but I am starting to see some companies build parallel tracks to keep advancing tech people without them going into management. Hopefully that will become a larger trend in more places.

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