Tips to improve Power BI report appeal

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  • ummm.  I don't feel that adding "chartjunk" as described by Edward Tufte in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information is a good idea.  Nor do I consider a smart move  ignoring all of Stephen Few's dicta as described in Information Dashboard Design and most especially in his great book, Show Me the Numbers.

    Sure, for the designer, adding bling and irrelevancies might seem like a great idea, but not so for the information consumer.

    If the numbers are of real value to me as a user, then I want to see the the story the data tells in as simple and straightforward a fashion as possible.  The last thing I need are distractions.  Check out Chapter 6 in Information Dashboard Design.  It's titled Achieving Eloquence Through Simplicity and that's what we should be striving for.

  • Agreed!  The goal is not 'pretty' , but 'have I communicated what is important?', and sometimes the 'boring' does the job better.  Yes, there are days when I wish I could express the data in more beautiful ways.   Or at least colors that don't clash, ha! Peter in Seattle

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