Tip: Resetting Identity Fields

  • Brandon Forest (12/3/2012)

    @ those who question why to do this. It's very simple, if you don't see the need to do it, don't do it. Questioning why someone else chooses to do something is their business not yours. If you don't agree or approve, simply shake your head and say "Bullshit" and move on. No one is interested in hearing you complain. Focus on the technique, not the why. Wrapping it in a transaction is a good idea. Why we do it is our business. :Wow:

    Fine. BUT if you are going to show something that is quite out of the ordinary, disclaimers should be used. Complete code should be used and a full explanation of why someone might do something would be great.

    There are several levels of readers here, and giving them half a story, with something that has so many pitfalls is fraught with danger. Those that have more complete grasp on the ramifications get it, but not everyone does and its a disservice to those that dont.

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