Tip for getting trifocals made for computer monitor use.

  • I want to share with those of you advancing in years something I learned over 40 years ago regarding trifocal lenses for using with computer monitors.  I was in my 30's when I developed the need for trifocal lenses.  When I got my first pair I soon discovered that the 'standard' narrow band of focus for the trifocal (midrange) part of the lens was considerably narrower than the typical monitor or laptop screen so I could not see the complete screen without moving my head up and down.  My eye doc had a good laugh at my request to make the trifocal band wider,  and said it would cause me to need to look over it all the time so he suggested a separate pair of frames and lenses for computer use.  But he did the change and had my trifocal part increased to one centimeter in height.   This was the best thing I ever did for screen viewing as it requires much less head and neck movement.   The bifocal part still works well for keyboard and reading documents on my desk.

    When I had a surgical lens implant, I went with a single vision lens which is considerably less expensive.  I can do such things as driving and watching tv/movies with no glasses at all if I want to, but actually wear my triple vision lens all the time  since they work well for reading, screen work, and normal activities without needing multiple pairs of glasses.



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