time across columns AND down rows

  • I'd like a report with days across the top and 24 hours down the rows so management can compare call data performance hour to hour across days.


    { [TimeByMinute].[All TimeByMinute].[2005].[May].[1] : [TimeByMinute].[All TimeByMinute].[2005].[May].[10]   }  on columns ,

    { [TimeByMinute].[Hour].members  } on rows

    from ACD_Calls2

    where [Measures].[Calls]

    I get the "duplicate dimensions across (independant) axes" message.

    Any ideas?


  • Yeah, it's annoying, isn't it? To get around it, I am afraid you'll need another dimension, which is pretty much the same as your 'TimeByMinute' dimension, and use that in conjuction with your existing dimension. Or, you could create a flat 'hour' dimension and use that.

    If there is another way around this, PLEASE POST IT!! My cubes each have about 5 'time' dimensions to get around these problems, and that is NOT a great solution, I'm sure you'll agree. 

  • Hey KennofromOz, Yukon help with this for a little (multi-role dims) but that doesn't help now does it


  • StevefromOzbutwannabeUS , Yukon helps with a LOT of problems we have at this client, particularly multi-role dims and especially properly 'heirarchy aware' dimensions (ie sharing aggregations etc). But, no, none of this helps now.


  • You're not looking to implement it now rather than later?  You'll miss out on all the fun.  Think of it as the last job you'll do in sunny weather :p



  • Thanks all! At least I know now that it wasn't just because I didn't know enough mdx. I think that's the toughest part of learning this.

    Anyway, thanks for talking the time to answer.

    I've got another new problem to post now...

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