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  • This one has vexed me for quite some time now.  I inherited a three-part check form, two stubs followed by the check.  The only problem is that it doesn't work.  Any time a check has more than four lines the check gets a page break and the check continues to print on the next page.  Whoever did this created a function in the Code section.

    Public Function GetSomeLineBreaks(count As Integer)
       Dim lines As String = ""
       For i As Integer = 1 To count
        'lines += "X" + VbCrLf
        lines += VbCrLf
       Return lines
    End Function

    There is a table with the detail line for the first stub.  There are two Row Groups on this table, Details and Check Number.  In the bottom totals section of that table is a rectangle that has a text box with the expression, =Code.GetSomeLineBreaks(20 - CountRows())
    Below  that is a table with the same detail row as the the base table.
    Except that the page break only occurs after all the invoices on the first detail line print.  And then the second stub table lines end up on the top stub of the next sheet of check paper.  Oh, and just to make it more fun the checks are a printed form with with a check number, not blank check paper, so all the remaining checks in the batch have to be voided and reprinted also.  My accounting guy is really stressing over this.  Currently they will only release about four invoices per check.  When you have 15 or 20 invoices that creates a lot of extra work for them.  Does anyone know how to make this design work?

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