Things need to check

  • Hi,

    can anyone please suggest what are things needs to check after windows patching and Sql Server Patching on the server.

    Eg : Services Running like..

  • Some of the obvious things are.

    1. Did the SQL services restart and are running (if not, review error logs)
    2. Run SELECT @@VERSION to confirm the build id is updated to what was expected.
    3. Run general smoke testing such as remote connection to the database, query, Job Activity Monitor, etc.
  • Yes, and have users on standby to check that the user experience hasn't deteriorated in terms either of performance or feature availability.


  • You should have a set of smoke tests, things that verify the system meets your needs. A few things listed above, but here's the type of things I look for:

    1. I can connect to the SQL Server
    2. A normal (non admin) user can connect and query some table ( usually something the app needs)
    3. No critical errors
    4. Performance counters within normal bounds

    Script  these things and have something that many people know to run after any patch/upgrade/deployment

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