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  • I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. It's a nice departure from the usual (although still useful and definitely not mundane) stuff we all read on here.

    I will have to correct you about the non-clustered indices though. They don't store the primary key in the leaf nodes. They actually store the clustered index field values in the leaf nodes. Often, or at least by default, the pkey and the clustered index are the same. If they are not the same then you may wonder what would happen if the clustered index is no longer unique... In that case MS SQL actual adds what is called a uniqifier to make the record, as far as the clustered index is concerned, unique. There's an article somewhere on this site which explains it well and in depth.

    Apart from that, as I said, I'm looking forward to see how you develop your engine, etc. When I was younger I often wanted to write my own Dune 2000 clone. I never even got as far as you have in your first article! 😀

  • This is going to be interesting. I'm anxious to see the details on the UI.

    Tom Garth

    Tom Garth
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  • Thanks for the correction; I rely on the primary key being my clustered index close to 99% of the time.


  • This is one of the more interesting articles on SQL I've seen so far. I am definitely interested to see the end product.

    Timothy A Wiseman
    SQL Blog:

  • I created a Black Jack game in SQL Server for kicks (could be multiplayer, with computer-controlled dealer, and you could set the number of decks and a few different rule set variations)... but this is much more ambitious!

    I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

    -- Stephen Cook

  • hi Steve ,

    wahoooo amazing... eagerly wating for ur next series.thx for ur informations.




  • really interesting ... one thing tho, maybe you could explain some more about the game itself ... or did I miss that?

  • Very interesting, Steve. I somehow missed this post when it first appeared, very glad the third article was featured in the news letter. I used to work for a play-by-mail game company and always wanted to learn how it worked "beneath the layers", so to speak. Personally, I design card games (and publish one) and use MS Access as the repository, but that's not an interactive system.

    I'm really looking forward to your future articles. Oh, and the word is "encounter", not "incounter". Sorry, I'm married to a Grammar Nazi. 😀

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