The State of DevOps Report for 2019

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  • Good article, Steve. Thank you for sharing the State of DevOps 2019. I've downloaded last year's and this year's. It's interesting to see what has been learned, the impact of DevOps in organizations, etc. And I especially like the fact that you mentioned that even if a business doesn't adopt DevOps it still might be successful. Not optimal, but successful.

    I witness this in my work environment. I work for a large state government agency. We are, slowly, adopting DevOps. But it's on a small basis. Try it out, see if it works, type of thing. But behind the scenes there's resistance from some people. For example, I use Visual Studio 2019 or 2017, depending upon the situation. But some of my colleagues insist on using Visual Studio 2015 (or older). I've talked about how using VS 2017/2019 improves my performance, but it all falls on deaf ears. There's no way they'll change. Finally I've decided that there must be some unspoken reasons for people to hold onto old tools, processes, what-have-you. So long as those reasons remain hidden, there's no way I can address them and I'll never move people to adopt a more productive tool/process/what-have-you.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Yet.

    Remember to use the word yet when you have goals or impediments. People might not want to change, yet, but perhaps they will over time. Many things happen on the journey, and it's a journey, not something that's done as of xx date.

    We struggle with journeys as humans. Most of us need deadlines and a finish line, not a marker on the trail.

  • That's a good point, Steve. I had been forgetting about giving them time to "come around".

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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