The SQL Bailout

  • Transformation and stimulus aren't exclusive, but any money moved towards helping broken areas, i.e. auto industry, needs to be limited and needs to push them forward into new models. I'm worried we'll forget the transforms and create more welfare industries.

    I think most people, while they want help, do want to work. I think we all inherently know that we function better with a purpose, and with something that we "work" at.

    At least I hope most people feel that way.

  • I think that if there was a SQL bailout, the first allotment of money should go towards educating management so that they realize that SQL Server does require real DBAs.

    This thread is an example of the evils of corruption, discrimination and all bad things in a skilled profession holding on to one kind only idiots included. There is an employee from the white house who does not even know what is SQL, now we know why the minorities are asking for hand out. :Whistling:

    The best and brightest minorities are told to change profession by the very unskilled majority. Sandra Day O'Connor was unemployed for three years she finished at the top of her class IT is at that place in 2009.

    So the bailout need to ask the prime IT contractors to provide who are the women and minority programmers and DBAs.

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  • Hi there

    Scott adams got it right, I have to say... I think this epitomises Blandry's sentiments...

    This on bailouts:

    ...and note that both the days before and after were quite amusing too.

    It's a little ambitious to hope to transform the business from the SQL level; generally one needs to start at a business level, and seek to improve things by applying innovative technology. The ability to do this well is a scarce skillset. Opening people's minds to the possibilities is nevertheless a good step, and can sometimes provide an interesting catalyst to the mix.

  • Well personally speaking, if I heard: "DBAs ... see all the data that is available" I think I would be giving you some 'stimulus'

    A good DBA should have no idea what data is in ANY of his databases.

    A good programmer should realise that data != information

    As for bailouts, I do find it ironic that the perceived cure for our current ills is to do a bit more of what caused them in the first place, ie living on credit and buying stuff just for the sake of it, not based on direct value.

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  • iainthepitman (3/3/2009)

    by the way, the prime minister of the UK is gordon brown.

    although the way he's carrying on it'll probably be someone else come june 2010.

    Obviously the rest of the world gets a different view of him which we in the UK seem to miss.

    World Statesman of the Year?

    I'd always agreed with Jeremy Clarkson -


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