The Spookiest Year

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  • COVID-19 curtailed and changed American Kennel Club events. Tomorrow, we're taking our four-year old Beagle, River, to Charlotte, NC to run in Fast CAT runs, a 100 yard dash. In her four runs in November 2019, she had 10 and 11 second runs. She was too young to run in 2016 as a four-year old pup, but she was fascinated by that white bag zipping down. Last year, waiting in line to run, one would assume that she is laid-back; but once we got to fourth or third in line to run, she started barking, surging at the leash, and bouncing on her front legs wanting to chase.

    After we moved from a subdivision out to the country in 1987, there were no Halloween trick-or-treaters. It's just not economical for parents to drive into each yard. Now, it's no longer country; a subdivision is being built across from us. But I doubt we'll get any kids from over there because there's no sidewalk for the kids; parents would have to drive the kids to each house.

  • I live in Salem, MA, a.k.a. The Witch City. We're Halloween central here. I thought this year we'd see almost no one come around in September and October. I mean who in their right mind is going to flock into crowds during a pandemic? Apparently they answer is a LOT of people would. Salem usually makes a lot of money from Halloween crowds and surprisingly we've seen more than expected descend on us during the pandemic. The city created a large "masks required" zone to try and keep tourists and locals safe and while about 80% or so are wearing masks the rest either wear them on their chin, or not covering their nose and some just refuse to wear masks and get angry when asked to mask up.  Many restaurant workers are taking abuse from these people. Anything from leaving $0 tip on large checks because they were asked to put their mask on when standing or even physically attacked. The city has gone as far as having an ad campaign to tell people not to come or if they do book any events that are still open ahead of time so they are not just wandering around with nothing to do. Between that and the city canceling all the city sponsored events, it has cut down the crowds some the last couple weeks but with a Saturday Halloween with a full moon, there are still many who will descend on the city. As far as trick or treaters go, I don't know any parents taking their kids out. I don't think we're going to see many. I'm hibernating until November.

    I think Steve is right that this is going to go on until at least April if not longer. It takes a long time to develop, test and approve a vaccine. Then to mass produce it and distribute it around the globe will take even more time. Buckle up, we're in for a bumpy ride.

  • In Belgium were are back in lockdown mode. Most shops have to close.

    For the spookiest year , I nominate the year the asteroid hit Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs

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