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  • I'm keen to try this out but cannot create the data source. An error message stating that "expressions cannot be used in a shared data source" appears. How do I create a data source that is not a shared data source? The Solution only has Shared Data Sources.

    Even the Report Wizard stalled at this, there was a warning messages saying "that a connection can not be made to the database" and that "connection string expressions cannot be tested at design time" which is fine but the "next" button would not respond and I could only go back or cancel.

    How did you get around this?

  • This is neat, but couldn;t you have the report call itself? Then there's be no need for an SR1 AND an SR2. I do this for a couple of reports where a hyperlink initiates a data update and the report then runs again automatically to show the changed state of the data.

  • I found the answer using the magic of Google.

    A report specific datasource can be created by selecting the Data tab and creating a new dataset. Should have known but funnily enough I've just always used shared datasources.

    Cheers for now.

  • It keeps failing on error "Cannot create a connection to data source 'test'.

    I checked the datasets and one of them is referring to 'test'.

    That data source is not available of course.

    I tried to repoint the dataset to the 'DBA_REP.rsd' datasource, but that does not help.

  • Thanks for all of your comments so far.

    The "test" data source is not a shared data source. When developing the reports, I used a static datasource for the "test" connection. Yes, I realize, I should have named "test" something else, like "dynamic_server_source". Once the sp_who2 returned results, I then added the dynamic connection string that is in the article.

    Two notes:

    When I downloaded and tested loading in the RDL in a new project this morning everthing went fine except that the data set that execute "sp_who2" reverted to a type of Text. You will need to change dataset2 to be Stored Procedure, not Text.

    And yes...I sheepishly note that SR1 can call itself in a hyperlink. I was just waiting for someone to point that out. 🙂 Actually, that is a great idea, instead of having two reports. Big red palm print on my forehead. I recall starting down that path and hit an error with a invalid nested parameter. Works great, though...thanks for additional the tip Jon.

    Rodney Landrum

    Author (Pro SQL Server 2005 Rpeorting Services - Apress)

  • I have asked to place new RDLs in the code download.

    The issue everyone is having with the "TEST" datasource is the default parameter value for the ServerName parameter.

    To address without new code, change the default value to be NULL not Non-Queried.

    Sorry for the oversight.

    Rodney Landrum

  • The new RDLs are now in the code download.



  • Thanks Tony. It is really nice having a larger group of people who can makes these small changes for us. I think poor Steve was getting overwhelmed with the amount of work and time this site was taking.

  • This is really cool!

    I'm thinking of using these techniques and combining them with standard SSMS reports and/or performance dashboard reports. That would be a nice muli-server monitoring solution.

    Thanks Rodney!

  • I'm still getting the "Cannot create a connection to data source 'test' " error message even though I have changed the DataSet2 to be a Stored Proc.

    I've only added one server to the table for simplicity and still nothing, do I need to pass a service account for credentials or something??

  • Try downloading the latest RDLs. There was an issue.


  • I did try that and still getting the same problems. :crazy:

  • Hi

    The new version works fine within Visual Studio. But if i deploy it to my local report server (Expresion Edition). I had first this error:

    "The 'ServerName' parameter is missing a value "

    -> so i changed the default Paramter for ServerName from default "NULL" to


    But now i have to following error when running the report outside from VS:

    "An error has occurred during report processing.

    Cannot create a connection to data source 'test'.

    The feature: "The edition of Reporting Services that you are using requires that you use local SQL Server relational databases for report data sources and the report server database." is not supported in this edition of Reporting Services."

    -> Maybe this reports don't run with express edition?



  • Well in my case, its not because its Express, it is the Standard install of SQL2005 with Reporting Services and the tests all work fine when previewing from Visual Studio, so I am a little stumped.

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