The process exit code was "-1073741819" while the expected was "0".

  • This is a great solution and works for me when run through BIDS or SSIS on the server from MSDB. When I run it as a SQL Server Agent job as CmdExec or SQL Server Integration Services Package for the job step type, I get the following error when the program to password protect an Excel task/file is run:

    Error: 2011-07-12 11:35:15.58

    Code: 0xC0029151

    Source: Password Protect Excel File Execute Process Task

    Description: In Executing "\\myServer\e$\DBA\Programs\ExcelPasswordProtect\PasswordProtectExcel.exe " "0 "\\myServer\e$\DBA\Data Pulls\file.xlsx" 1234511" at "\\myServer\e$\DBA\Programs\ExcelPasswordProtect", The process exit code was "-1073741819" while the expected was "0".

    End Error

    I've looked all over and tried numerous things regarding the exit code error of "-1073741819", but haven't found a solution. I've really opened up permissions on the server. Used a proxy, tried local system, tried my domain account (admin group).


    Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise

    SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

    Any help or more questions to stimulate ideas would be most appreciated!



  • The error number 1073741819 in hex is 0xC0000005 which indicates an access violation in windows.

    An access violation means your process has tried to access memory (ie dereference a pointer) that does not belong to it.

    Is it a script task that is throwing the error?

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