The Pesky Windows Power Plan Oh My

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  • Hey mentor, does changing power plan require a system reboot for it to take effect? (Asks Tom)

  • According to the MS article it does not. Here is a good link from Cindy Gross regarding why to change it.

  • When I get a new server that is one of the first things I change, the power plan.  It is crazy to think power consumption is a worry when you are talking about server processing.

  • Just remember that Windows isn't the only thing that restricts your power.  There are BIOS settings to consider, and, if you're running virtual machines, there are possible throttles there too.

    Something else to consider is that, just because you *can* change the setting in Windows, doesn't mean it'll stay there - if your infrastructure team has been doing stuff, then chances are there's a group policy they might need to adjust to allow SQL Servers to not be restricted like this.

    Thomas Rushton

  • Thomas, I can't agree more with you on that note. I was enagaged to look at a performance issue and I found the Power Plan in Balanaced mode, SO I put some code together and queried about 3,700 Windows machines. I was not happy with what I found. Thanks for the comment, Edward J Pochinski III

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