The Pace of Data Platform Change

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  • The thing is, change doesn't happen equally or universally. For example, here in the US, a significant percentage of the population still use dial-up and DSL, not because they are resisting change, but because that's the only option available where they live. Many IT workers work for organizations where technology adoption trails a decade behind the current standard, so they don't feel pressured to change.

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  • Nope, certainly nowhere near even distribution of things. I constantly curse the Googleplex and staff over some of the things they build that assume strong connectivity. Out here in rural CO, we don't always have good cell service.

    I also think lots of tech is older, though that's changing more rapidly than I expected as lots of customers are lift-and-shift to the cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.) to move costs and get some upgrades. It's way more prevalent than I expected, at least this soon in time. Many of them even keep running on older versions of software, but in the cloud.

    The DSL stuff is changing quick, relatively, as well. I'm surprised how many wireless/microwave options we have. Starting to see those pop up quite a bit around the rural west.

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