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    Jeff Moden wrote:

    Heh... I thought the whole purpose of retirement was to not have to go to a job any more. 😀

    I think it's to not *have* to go to a job. I can't retire until I have some things to keep my busy.

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    I had a great job in high school. I was a movie projectionist in our small town theatre. I got to watch a lot of movies while working and even got free popcorn! I am not sure if things are done differently now but back in those days (early 80s), we had to mount about 6-8 film reels per movie and time the switch between projectors just right. Have you even noticed while watching a movie little circles showing up in the top right corner every 20 minutes or so? Those "queue dots" are the warning to be ready to switch projectors. Such a fun job!

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