The NoSQL Rise and Fall

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  • Write better code and you might be surprised just how scalable your system proves itself to be.

    Spot on! (no matter the chosen technology)


    Learn to play, play to learn !

    Dont drive faster than your guardian angel can fly ...
    but keeping both feet on the ground wont get you anywhere :w00t:

    - How to post Performance Problems
    - How to post data/code to get the best help[/url]

    - How to prevent a sore throat after hours of presenting ppt

    press F1 for solution, press shift+F1 for urgent solution 😀

    Need a bit of Powershell? How about this

    Who am I ? Sometimes this is me but most of the time this is me

  • I've seen a repeating pattern throughout my career that is effectively a hype cycle.

    • New technology is trumpetted from the roof tops as being the greatest thing since sliced bread
    • Existing technology has its obituary read out
    • Mass panic and a shift to new technology beings while mainly trying to use it like the existing technology
    • Successful ones realise that new technology requires a new thought process and enables/requires a new approach
    • Failures are disappointed that using new tech for old processes doesn't yield the expected benefits.
    • Market realisation of where the new technology ACTUALLY provides a benefit
    • For existing technology rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated

    NOSQL is a tool like any other.  Used for the job for which it was intended and it will serve you well.

    The headaches come when you have to integrate the data from these different database types.

    Some NOSQL databases have discovered the value in ACID properties.  Most have discovered the narrow waist of SQL


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