The Last One

  • The Last One

    This is the last editorial of 2006 and one that ends the year on a high note. It's been a great year for me personally and career-wise. This site has grown tremendously and I've really enjoyed the editorials this year, spending more time thinking and working on them than before. It was also great because I wrote two books this year, so I had the chance, and was a little forced, to put more time into SQL Server than I did last year.

    So now it's the end of 2006 and next week starts a new year. So to close things out, I wanted to see what you thought about this past year:

    What do you remember the most about IT in 2006?

    Between book research and running this site and Database Daily, I've been slightly overwhelmed with information. It seems like I see so many articles, so many topics, that I have a hard time looking back at the year and coming up with just one thing that stands out.

    But there is one thing in IT that I remember vividly. This is the year that MacOS was released on Intel processors. I had to double check because now it seems that we've had Intel Macs for a long time, and we have, but it was this year that Apple finally moved off Motoroal chips. It's something I've looked forward to for a long time, ever since my first Apple II computer back in the early 80s.

    Through the Macintoshes, the Macbooks, PowerMacs, NeXT computers, and more, I've always thought MacOS would be more of a dominant OS, more so than even Linux, if only it were available on commodity hardware. It's still not, but it's getting closer. At least we have an Intel port.

    And I have one! Or at least my kids now have an Intel iMac. We bought one for the family computer after our eMachines died and we wanted something clean and displayable in our main room. And now with the release of VMWare for Macs, at least in Beta, we can set up all their games in an XP VM.

    Steve Jones

  • That is Awesome Steve, you wrote two books in one year. Can't believe, with the kind of load you have everyday.

    On my part, though I have been working with databases for 25+ years now, this was the year I decided that I would stick to SQL Server for the rest of my IT career.

    On the writing front I have some happiness too. Four articles of mine got published in

    On the home front my son went to Purdue this year and he is planning to major in Aerospace Engineering.

    I am not a great techie guy, but I now know how to load songs onto an IPod and I know what an MP3 player is. (Phil of the Future?). I have started learning to play XBox.

    Also for the first time I could access any computer from any computer in our home. It is as good as I work in office.

    Wish you all a very happy new year folks!!!!!!!


  • I think my most memorable IT occurance of 2006 would be the completion of my BS degree in Software Engineering.

  • Most memorable from the media: That SQL 2005 is "safer" than Oracle.

    Most memorable personally: Passing 70-431, finding a great new job in a different state(Arkansas to Idaho) and seeing my first 'White Christmas'

    I haven't gotten to participate in the forums much this year with my new job...I hope to change that in 2007

    Best Wishes to all!


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