The Impact of Small Changes

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  • It's really frustrating in the Microsoft community because thousands of us will upvote a seemingly small item on - like dark mode in SSMS, or the ability to restore a single table from a backup - and yet Microsoft just ignores those requests that users genuinely get excited about.

    Instead, Microsoft focuses on "big" features, like syncing AG databases into Managed Instances or syncing data into Azure Synapse Analytics - not because users are begging for it, but because Microsoft thinks they'll raise Azure revenue. Then to make matters even worse, those features don't work, or don't get adopted, and then Microsoft can't understand why users aren't getting excited about SQL Server 2022.

    Microsoft should really start taking lessons from Postgres before it's too late.

  • I wish Microsoft would someday re-introduce the execute statement shortcut in SSMS.

    Now as far as marketing and business mandated changes vs Developer wish list, my recommendation to my colleagues is to develop the product feature as well as they can while they build it, because they have only one shot at it, they will not get time later to refactor or improve the feature.


  • It's been a very interesting learning curve for me over these last five years, learning how a global open-source project can move forward successfully year after year. While the process (and parts of the community) certainly has their share of warts, there is an amazing amount of unity in the vision of providing measurable value with each release.

    So yes, there's a lot other organizations can learn. We can only hope they do. 😉

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