The December Energy Update

  • Cory McRae (12/27/2007)

    ... and besides more fresh water can only be a good thing right.

    Not if you are a salt water fish!

    You want a green vehicle? Except for the SRB's the Shuttle is green. Hydrogen and oxygen for fuel, both for the engines and electricity. during docked operations the can now (and why it took so long to think of it is a mystery) get power from the station. That's solar power. There's your hybrid!

    ATBCharles Kincaid

  • oil changes every 5 - 7K rather than the Standard oil edict of 3K.

    Cell phones and MP players made by Tag Heuer based on the same concept of the LINK automatic... energy efficient and good looks. Win, Win and it would give MS, Apple, and ATT some much needed competition.

    It's the little things.

  • jaholbrook (12/28/2007)

    oil changes every 5 - 7K rather than the Standard oil edict of 3K.

    Change the oil? But why? In aircraft you don't change the oil except during an overhaul. You change the filter regularly. Change perfectly good working engine oil? Daft! Must be some oil company conspiracy. You say you car is not designed so that you can just change the filter without it pissing oil everywhere. Collusion!!

    ATBCharles Kincaid

  • the oil thought was for others and I'm sure that some one at Standard oil came up with 3k a LONG time ago... it's peddle power for me.

    I'm way more interested in Tag taking on Goliath(s)

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