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  • Steve JP

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    The ideal office??? Never having to work in one again! 😀

    The main issue I have with large open spaces is that at times other teams, including helpdesks arent always quiet when work needs to be done. A major source of distraction.

    Would prefer to have a sound proof office with no distractions, oh well nice aspiration.

  • pdanes

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    Currently in the paleontology department's photo-laboratory, which is also the access path to the microscope lab. I'm the only permanent occupant, but almost everyone in the department wanders through here during the course of the day, and it's right across the hall from the break room.

    I find it suits me quite well - makes it very convenient for me to make myself tea and such, and people wandering through are rarely a distraction, if they don't talk to me. But it's very handy, because I can catch people readily, and they can find me so easily, that despite me being the only IT person in the department, they never feel pressure to 'catch me while they can' and unload rafts of problems all at once, nor is it an 'adventure' or 'intrusion' to find me, since the door is always open and it's not my personal office, but a public room that they also enter for many other reasons. And on the occasions that someone else comes in here to work, they have a specific task of some photography to accomplish, which they complete and leave, so I don't have to listen to someone else's telephone conversations and weird personal habits on a daily basis.

    Such a personal corner in a public place works better for me than any other office environment I''ve ever used.

  • Alex Gay


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    I've had an office shared with just one other person, as well as working in open plan offices, and working from home.

    They all have advantages, such as when working on debugging, with a small team, to a tight deadline, a small open plan office where people can call out problems and you can just shout back "OK, try it again", works brilliantly and the energy and teamwork is great.

    When it comes to heads down application programming however a quiet closed office is the best environment, after all when keeping the structure of three or four objects and their complex relationships in your head you nee to get that vision down and into code quickly with no distractions. If someone distracts you, you will drop the balls and it will be harder to get the image back as clearly, if at all.

    The best option would be a large space with slide-able walls , where you could create the workspace required for the type of work you are doing.

  • batgirl

    SSCarpal Tunnel

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    My current environment is not my favorite - large open room with entire management and staff at rows of desks. No eating/drinking in the room.

    I have never had my own office - always either a cubicle, shared office, desk in the server room, etc.

    I'm looking very forward to retirement where my "office" will be on a golf cart somewhere.

  • SQLWorks


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    I've had glass door type offices and cubicles... I think the cubes work better honestly, when I was part of a team supporting a very large server environment having everyone near each other and within speaking distance was great, but the cubes made it private enough so you could get work done without distraction. I prefer the 5' high cubes though, the little 3 or 4 footers are too low such that I always felt I was staring right at someone, or being watched myself, but the 6' or 7' walls were too high to stand up and talk over, 5' is just about right.

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  • Neeraj Dwivedi


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    Open office works best for me..the only exception is when I am dealing with the production issue. In that case I wish that nobody should disturb me.

  • OCTom


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    batgirl (4/12/2013)

    My current environment is not my favorite - large open room with entire management and staff at rows of desks. No eating/drinking in the room.

    I have never had my own office - always either a cubicle, shared office, desk in the server room, etc.

    I'm looking very forward to retirement where my "office" will be on a golf cart somewhere.

    No eating or drinking? I guess the no eating part would not bother me but the no drinking part would.

    My current arrangement is the best I've had... an office with a door. 🙂

  • joe.eager

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    My favorite office set up was an actual office with a door that closed. I'm not a fan of open workspaces because I like it to be quiet when coding.

    Currently have a good sized cubical in a quiet section so its not too bad.

  • jay-h


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    At our site we have some low partition cubes and high partition ones. The low cubes are supposed to be the 'new collaborative thing' but in truth they just immerse you in distraction... everyone's phone conversations etc. The couple extra feet of partition makes a noticeable difference.


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  • pmcpherson


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    I love open offices and low cubes. I love the comradeship of a team that can just turn around or stand up in order to brainstorm. But I think companies that use these two floor plans should also spring for the noise canceling head phones.

  • SQLWorks


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    This is a good idea, I would have liked this in my last developer role. As a DBA, I prefer the higher walls and less noise so I can figure stuff out in peace.

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  • roger.plowman


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    I've worked in 5' tall cubicles, open plan, shared office, and private office. I've also worked in the computer room itself (not nearly as fun as you would think).

    I have to say for me private office is the best. I can concentrate on development, and if I need to have a micro-meeting the people I need to talk to are just down the hall. 🙂

    Plus, if I absolutely need to remain uninterrupted I can close the door and set my phone to "busy".

    Ah, development nirvana...

  • bwillsie-842793

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    A room with a door I can shut, preferably with soundproof walls so other people don't complain about my screaming or loud music.

    And so I don't have to listen to the second by second description of the last twenty-four hours of someone's life, retold to each new person that walks into a neighboring cubicle, all day long.

    I'm not anti-social, just non-social.

  • Bob Razumich


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    Like most everyone else who has posted, I've been in about as many environments as possible. I prefer an open concept myself. I have found that I hate having my own office - I feel shut out from the world when I am in one, even if the door is open. The only plus for an office is if I wish to be undisturbed, but I'm not in that mode often enough to counter the loneliness factor.

    But I agree with the noise cancelling/softening needs as voiced by another poster. The office I am in originally was a car dealership and manufacturing building, one of those "historic" sites. Looks really cool, but before putting in noise dampening tiles on the ceiling, the echo of noise was unbearable. The width and length of the building is approximately half a city block by half a city block. Before the fixes one could sneeze loudly in one end of the building, and on the other end you could swear they were right next to you when the sneeze occurred.

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