The DATETIME data type question

  • I know that the DATETIME data type is no longer an ANSI/ISO Standard and I have heard the Microsoft plans to eventually stop supporting it but I cannot find any mention of this out on the internet, besides the few comments I came across which I cannot find now. So does anyone know if Microsoft has said they plan to eventually stop supporting it?

    If yes can you maybe point me to such (even if it is just someone respectable that is making the statement), as I have some folks that would rather be reactive rather than proactive and demand to see where DATETIME is no longer going to be support. As if it no longer being ANSI/ISO Standard SQL is not a good enough reason to start moving our DATETIME fields to DATETIME2 fields and swapping out GETDATE() for SYSDATETIME().

    Thanks in advance.


    "The 'DateTime' data type has not been declared as Deprecated. There is nothing more to say about the continuing status of DateTime, nor about any other data type."

    timestamp data type is deprecated as of SQL 2017.

  • Thank you very much ratbak I had gone to that site to try and find the answer figuring someone might have asked it already but my searches were fruitless as I just did not ask the right search question.

    Oh and by the way you answered the basic question and a lot more, so again thank you again.

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